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Ryson Show Model Mass Flow Spiral for Sale

Mass Flow Spiral for SaleRyson Show Model Mass Flow Spiral for Sale – Warehouse Sale

In an effort to make more room in our off-site warehouse, we’re offering this Mass Flow Spiral Conveyor at a greatly reduced price. The spiral was built as a trade show demo model and then retired. It has less than 100 run-hours on it.

The Ryson Mass Flow Spirals are ideal for canning and bottling operations where units need to be conveyed vertically in mass. Products are conveyed up or down in a continuous single file or mass flow at a rate of up to 1200 units per minute. Ryson Spirals have a small footprint and provide considerable space savings compared to conventional methods. They are available in powdered coated carbon steel, stainless steel and washdown versions.

Mass Flow Drawing


Ryson Model 1900-400 -C4 in Hybrid Stainless steel- for use in dry environment (3.5 turns @4.24 degrees)

  • Elevation change: 5’-2”
  • Slat width: 16”
  • Speed 120 FPM (2 HP 460V motor)
  • 4’-0” extended infeed and discharge for side-transfer

Our modular design allows this spiral can easily be reconfigured to match your exact application. You can download the approval drawing here. To find out more or to get specific pricing call us at 757.898.1530 and ask for Steve Dillaman. You can also email him at

You can also find out about our Mass Flow Spirals by visiting our Mass Flow Page, read about current mass flow applications on our weekly news blog. Additionally you can  watch our Mass Flow Video Brochure on our own YouTube Channel.