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Consumer Packaged Goods

Design Flexibility and Space Savings
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Ryson’s product line offers many viable solutions in the Consumer Package Goods marketplace - And offer several advantages.

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CPGs often operate on a narrow margin and rely on efficient equipment to be running without interruption.

Line Changes for product variations are commonplace, and the most adaptable machinery is what is sought after. Ryson Spiral Conveyors are perfect for these kind of hi-performance applications because of the demands for flexibility and dependability.

Ryson Spiral conveyors move products vertically within a very small footprint, and have a very high throughput. This ultimately reduces the floor space requirements while allowing access to overhead space.

Help simplify your production lines and increase your production area with Vertical Conveying.

High Quality

Ryson products are crafted with great care in our modern manufacturing plant in Yorktown Virginia. Our machines are run and tested prior to shipping - assuring a product is 100% ready to be commissioned on arrival.


Each machine is built to exact specification to ensure seamless installation and integration. They can also be easily modified for future repurposing.


All Ryson Equipment is designed with the application in mind. Our diverse product line ensures that we have an ideal Vertical Conveying Solution for your needs.

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Creating Aisle Space:

Production lines are notorious for limiting operator access in and around equipment. Traditionally gates or walkovers are used in conveyor lines to give operators access to production and packaging equipment. These solutions create ergonomic/safety concerns and may interrupt product flow. Spirals can be used to elevate product flow above the production floor, improving ergonomics and personnel flow throughout the facility.

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From Case Packer to Palletizing:

Ryson Spirals have long been used to deliver cases to high - or - low level palletizers. The need for elevation change to meed the needs of the palletizer is perfect for a Spiral Conveyor. It is ideal because the spiral has the needed throughput, and can handle different product sizes with no adjustments. They are also efficient space savers allowing more space on the production floor. Spirals only require one drive, which also minimizes the controls and integration requirements.

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Curing Prior to Packaging:

Both our Spiral Conveyors and Narrow Trak Spirals can be used to add buffer time to products that need to cool, or cure prior to packaging. Two Spirals are used in an up-and-down configuration to utilize overhead space for additional curing time.

In the fast and ever-adapting world of consumer packaged goods, Ryson Equipment helps keep you ahead in the game. Their ability to be reconfigured, and repurposed is a long-term advantage and cost effective. We consistently hear that Ryson Spirals are the most consistent and reliable piece of machinery at a production plant.

Ryson Solutions for
Consumer Packaged Goods

The Ryson Slat Conveyor and Curves are ideal for inclines or declines in tight quarters and can handle multiple curves with one drive. The Ryson proprietary chain slat arrangement become versatile and flexible slat conveyors when used outside a spiral conveyor. Only one drive is required for each 250 feet of conveyor, which minimizes the number of transition points required. This also significantly reduces the cost of controls and system integration.

Vertical Accumulation Buffer

Configure two Ryson Spirals to preserve valuable floor space white sending product overhead for overhead dynamic storage or buffering. The Ryson Accumulation Buffers can be used to provide dynamic storage where products need time for cooling, drying or curing. Additional dynamic buffer storage capacity can be obtained by adding pairs of spirals.

Our High Capacity models are designed to carry heavier loads and can be configured to have different sized conveying surfaces ranging from 12” to 36”. The clever – and efficient - design of our chain-slat arrangement allows the transport of different sized units without need to make adjustments. This is a perfect feature for operations like pick modules – where package sizes can vary greatly.

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