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Slat Conveyor

For Short Turns and Rotation

Commonly used in
Slat Width
8" | 12" | 16" | 20" | 24"
Total Weight Capacity (at any one time)
1,600 lbs
Slat Width
8" | 12" | 16" | 20" | 24"
Total Weight Capacity (at any one time)
1,600 lbs
Commonly Used In

The Ryson Slat Conveyor and Curves are ideal for inclines or declines in tight quarters and can handle multiple curves with one drive.

The Ryson proprietary chain slat arrangement become versatile and flexible slat conveyors when used outside a spiral conveyor. Only one drive is required for each 250 feet of conveyor, which minimizes the number of transition points required. This also significantly reduces the cost of controls and system integration.

Available in slat widths of 8″,12″, 16″, 20″ and 24″, they can also be configured as an oval shaped spiral, becoming a space efficient dynamic buffer storage device.

You can read some slat conveyor application stories on our weekly blog. More details on the Ryson Chain Slat arrangement are available under the spiral conveyors page.


High Speed Rotator:

A special conveyor using our Slat Conveyor design is the High Speed Rotator. 

Ryson’s Rotator gently rotates boxes as they travel along the conveyor at the same speed as the line it is in.  Because the load rotates as it travels, it doesn’t need to be started or stopped, removed from the conveyor or violently accelerated to perform the rotation.  Gaps between loads are maintained during rotation ensuring smooth flow.  Boxes need a small amount of clearance between individual units, but do not need consistent or measured gaps.

The unique design does not need any adjustment between load sizes for most products.  Additionally the rotator runs at the speed of other conveyors in the line, ensuring a smooth consistent flow without bunching or load interaction.

Rotators can be configured to rotate boxes either clockwise or counterclockwise about the axis of the direction of travel in 90° increments. This new slat conveyor is used in packing lines where products need to be rotated upside down or to one side without delay or product damage, The Ryson High Speed Rotator can accommodate a wide range of load sizes without adjustment.

A common application for the rotator is rotating boxes for labeling.  For labeling more than one side, horizontal conveyors can be added between rotation sections to allow more complicated operations. Another common application is rotating boxes to facilitate unloading or reloading boxes as part of a bottle filling or labeling operation.

Our Slat conveyors use the same tried-and-true technology and design as our Spiral Conveyors. Instead of a helical incline, this conveyor follows a custom specified frame from point A to point B. Be it in a straight line, or curvy, or inclining or declining – or all of the above. 

It is also possible to extend this from one of our Spiral Conveyors – as one piece, requiring a single drive to operate.

The proprietary design of our spiral conveyor and it’s overlapping slat-style chain allows the slats to flex in either direction, so infeed extensions can curve in any direction as far as 30 feet.

The Ryson Slat Conveyor can have sharp turns while also inclining or declining, this can help reduce the number of ancillary conveyors and can transition product in a much shorter area than other kinds of conveyors.

A Slat Conveyor can accomplish line transportation and orientation, potentially replacing several other conveyors with a single unit. This can reduce the number of drives needed, which can save energy and simplify integration.

The Ryson Slat Conveyor is both reliable and handles products gently. The smooth conveying surface can handle many different sized and shaped products without the need for change parts or adjustments.

Most Common Models

Slat Widths
8" (200)
12" (300)
16" (400)
20" (500)
24" (600)
Rotation Length
90º - 118” (3000)
180º - 220” (5600)
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Slat Conveyor
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