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Narrow Trak Spiral Conveyor

The Ryson Narrow Trak Spiral – A new super-compact vertical conveyor for handling small loads

The Ryson Narrow Trak Spirals are great space savers with high throughput that can run at speeds in excess of 200 fpm.

The nesting slats have the capacity to reliably end-transfer small cartons and packages or side-transfer small bottles or containers in a single file or in a continuous mass flow.  The spiral conveyors are equipped with our 6” or 9” wide nesting slats which provide an efficient flat conveying surface without gaps.

The Narrow Trak Spirals offer a significantly larger elevation change capacity than what is currently available in the small package marketplace. They are also a good alternative to side gripper conveyors because they can run at high speeds and do not need to be adjusted for varying product sizes. These spirals are powder coated to assure a durable finish. Also available in hybrid stainless steel versions suitable for wet applications. The Narrow Trak Spirals are especially beneficial for the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, personal care market and food product companies.

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Ryson Narrow Trak Spiral Animation

Modular Design

The Ryson modular design makes our spirals easy to configure and customize. All our spirals are made to order and are available in four basic configurations as it relates to the position of the in and outfeed tangents as shown, (A, B, C and D) The angle of the tangents can also be customized to meet specific layout requirements (B-MA for example) All configurations can operate up or down and in a clockwise or counterclockwise rotation.

Ryson Narrow Trak Spiral Conveyor Size Chart

Proprietary Nesting Slat Belt

The nesting slats provide an efficient flat conveying surface without gaps and can be used for end-transfer or side-transfer.  Available in 6” and 9” wide versions.  Friction inserts can be added when additional grip is required.

Narrow Trak Slat Detail

The micro-pitch conveyor is our newest accessory to the Narrow Trak Spiral

Micro Pitch Conveyor with The Narrow Trak

The Ryson micro-pitch transfer conveyor is slave-driven off the drive or idle-end shafts and is geared to match the speed of the spiral- perfectly –  even at high speeds.

This transfer unit minimizes the unpowered gap between the spiral and adjoining conveyors, allowing smaller and lighter products to be end transferred into and out of the spiral. When end transferring the slats can be equipped with friction inserts to provide more friction. This allows steeper incline/decline angles which yields greater elevation changes with the same number of turns.

Ryson NT Spiral Conveyor

Many Features and Benefits

There are many features. benefits and options to the Ryson Spiral Conveyors. Read more about them on our Spiral Conveyor Page, or download our Spiral Conveyor Brochure.

Download the Ryson product spec sheet for the Narrow Trak Spiral.

For more details on the Ryson Vertical Conveyor, please visit our Ryson YouTube Channel, or read current news and installation stories on the Ryson Blog.

Controls and Integration

Most of our Spiral Conveyors are shipped without controls because they normally integrate with an overall conveyor control system. Our spirals always include an inverter duty gear motor and two proximity sensors, one for the automatic chain tensioner and one for the overload protection device. We also offer a number of controls and pre-wiring options.

A Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) is required for proper operation of the spirals. All Ryson Spirals are thoroughly shop tested prior to shipment, but depend on proper integration with the overall conveyor system for optimum performance. Read about our Integration instructions.