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Wide Track Shipping May Require Some Disassembly to Fit in a Truck

Wide Track Shipping
Wide Track shipping requires some disassembly to fit on a truck.

Most Ryson Spirals ship in one piece, and are ready to be installed when they arrive on site. However, to fit on a truck, some disassembly is required with our large Wide Track models. Customers are often curious about what to expect with our Wide Track shipping.

The amount of disassembly varies depending on the model and configuration.  The chain, side guides and supports are removed and match-marked on shipping skids in many cases.  Re-assembly on-site typically takes a day or two. One of our dedicated service team members are available to assist with re-assembly. We can alternately assist remotely via video conferencing.

These model 3000-900 Wide Trak Spirals  will be shipped to a well known 3PL out on the West Coast. Our partner ABCO systems will integrate the project.

The Ryson spiral’s modular design is perfect for applications in seismic environments. Furthermore, the modularity permits a quicker reassembly and installation once on site.

Ryson Wide Track Spirals handle a variety of load sizes, big and small. They feature 30” or 36” wide slats.  Additionally, the Wide Trak Spiral Conveyors handle double the weight capacity of our standard spirals. They can provide an elevation change of up to 35 feet with only one drive. They are ideal for warehousing, e-commerce and order picking operations.

Find out more about details about our Wide Track Spirals, or read some recent application stories on our weekly news blog.