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Ryson Modularity Benefits – A Service Team Success

Our Spiral Modularity can help in tight installations.This week, we highlight a huge benefit of our Spiral’s modularity.

Earlier this fall, our Integrator Partner, Integrated Packaging Machinery needed to elevate cases on a production line, but did not have the space- at first glance. Later, their project Manager suggested they use a Ryson Spiral (the brand their customer trusts). They approached us with the space constraint issues. They could not set the spiral in place in the normal fashion due to all sorts of interference. Primarily because of overhead conveyors and utility piping that could not be moved economically.

We suggested that the spiral could be built in-place as, long as we could get the parts into the area.

The 9 foot tall 1300-400 was built at our Virginia plant, tested and then disassembled prior to shipping.

Upon delivery, the parts were moved to the installation area then reassembled in less than 2 days. Once the whole line is in operation, a certified trainer service member will return to inspect the spiral. They will also  train the maintenance staff on the proper preventative maintenance of the spiral.

Our modularity also allows us to reconfigure or repurpose spirals. Something our competitors cannot easily do. This ability also helps lower the total cost of ownership.

Read more information about the advantages of our Spiral Conveyors on our website, or other stories about our modular design in our weekly blog. We also have informative videos on our own YouTube Channel,

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