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Ryson featured at a “highly visible” Omnichannel Distribution Center

This past weekend Ryson International was featured on a commercial by Dicks’ sporting goods titled “Night at the Distribution Center”. This system was designed and implemented by one of our key integrator partners, Bastian Solutions. This Omnichannel distribution center is highly automated and designed to handle the growth we are seeing within the e-commerce segment.

Big Ryson Spirals for a Omnichannel Distribution Center
The Ryson Wide Track Spiral is well suited for the demands of the Omnichannel Distribution Center

This site has several of our units and the one shown on the add is our Wide Trak model 3000-900. With its 36″ wide slats, this spiral can handle small and very large products (i.e. 50” TV, bag of Golf clubs or even a Kayak).  It can also reach very tall heights using a single drive and can run at speeds up to 200 fpm and can start and stop while fully loaded. You can view more details about this project in a previous blog entry.

Ryson International has expended its product offerings to address the high demand for solutions that can improve the efficiency and reliability of automation within the warehousing, distribution, and ecommerce segments. Watch our new video that describes how Ryson Spirals are ideal solutions for supply chain applications.


For more information on Ryson’s heavy duty High Capacity and Wide Track Spirals, check out Wide Track Spirals on our website, or you can download the spec sheet, and even read some current Wide Track application stores in our weekly news blog.