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Ryson Bucket Elevator Capacity – Different sizes for Different Applications


Ryson’s Bucket Elevators combine vertical and horizontal transportation of bulk materials in one integral unit. They represent a unique and highly effective solution to bulk material conveyor needs. The Bucket Elevator Capacity depends on the model size.

Ryson Bucket ElevatorsRyson Bucket Elevators come in 3 different sizes. The 100, 200 and 400, yielding capacities up to 300, 700 or 1,800 cubic feet per hour respectively. Since the Bucket Elevator Capacity of the following project was relatively low, the 100 model was chosen. This smallest Ryson model helped ease the tight installation layout requirements.

Rebstock Conveyors is a company with over 96 years in business servicing conveyor needs throughout the nation. They have been manufacturing a variety of conveyors since 1922. They approached Ryson to acquire three of our robust bucket elevators to satisfy the needs of their customer.

Ryson Bucket Elevator CapacityThe challenge was to provide 3 bucket elevators each with a single infeed and five separate programmable discharge locations.  The unique method of tipping the buckets at precisely the right discharge point makes the Ryson Bucket elevator the clear choice.

The second challenge was the conveyor had to fit in a tight location.  That’s where the Ryson model Z-100 came to shine.  Each elevator will accommodate 2600-2800 lbs/hr of dishwashing pods up to 17ft.     The upper discharge leg of the elevators ranged from 12ft to as long as 30ft with tight spacing between discharge points.

For more information on the Ryson Bucket Elevators, read about them on our site, download the spec sheet, or check out some application stories on our weekly news blog.