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Freezer Spirals: Both For Packaging and Warehousing

Ryson Freezer SpiralsOne of the options across all Ryson Spiral Models is the ability to use them for freezer applications. One of our more recent trends is the increased demand for Freezer Spirals in distribution centers handling frozen foods. Good examples are grocery chains and online frozen food subscription services.

This is a growing segment for Ryson, and it reflects the changes in retail food distribution chains. Ryson Freezer spirals are also frequently used in end-of-line packaging operations at food plants like ice cream for example.

Low temperature operation is possible in part because Ryson spirals do not have components that slide. The carrying surface rolls on bearings instead. However, some of our standard materials need to be replaced with low temperature components to perform adequately.

At ultra-low temperatures, common engineered materials become brittle. Ryson utilizes specialized resins specifically created for these temperatures. Normal lubricants can perform more like glue when temperatures drop low enough. Therefore, Ryson changes the lubricants in bearings and gearboxes to match the ambient temperature the spiral operates in. Heaters may need to be installed in some electronics for some lower temperature applications.

Through years of experience and engineering Ryson has developed spirals, that with proper maintenance and operation, can operate in these challenging environments. Ryson Spirals are the only spirals built in the USA designed to handle freezer environment temperatures down to -30 degrees fahrenheit.

For additional information you can read about our custom options, or read more application stories in our weekly news blog. The video below shows a small clip of a Ryson Spiral in the freezer at an ice cream plant. You can also watch more application videos on our YouTube Channel.

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