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Custom Design Options for a Stainless Hybrid Spiral Conveyor

Custom design spiral hybrid wet from RysonThis impressive hybrid stainless steel High Capacity unit reveals a lot about the custom design options that we offer.

With the cooperation of our integrator partner Pro-Fab, this 1700-600 custom design Spiral will be installed at a new facility soon. It offers a 17 foot elevation change and will elevate 60 pound cases on it’s 24 inch wide conveying surface.

connection flange for a two piece Ryson Spiral2-piece spiral designed for a tight installation:

This spiral was designed to be installed in two pieces because of egress restrictions. Sometimes a vert limited installation area requires a spiral to be erected in stages. In this case the ceiling was too low to stand the spiral up fully assembled.

Special splice flanges are installed to make a simple-yet secure connection between the top and bottom piece. Each section is also match-marked to aid in the installation process.

Full prewire Options:

This Spiral also came Pre-wired – Most spirals don’t come with controls wiring, because often an integrator will wire it into their existing system. Ryson however, does provide a full set of pre-writing options to help reduce the cost and time of implementation. This unit also came with a special wire mount for the center column. This will simplify installation since the Spiral will ship in multiple sections.

Stainless Steel hybrid option:

Ryson offers several coating types for all their equipment. Everything from powder coated steel to full stainless. We also offer a stainless steel hybrid option, that is more cost effective than a full stainless, but can still be specified to operate in wet environments.

Ryson two piece spiralThis unit will be delivered in two pieces and be installed on-site. A member of the Ryson Service Team will assist in the installation, ensure the unit is integrated properly and train the maintenance team on the proper preventative maintenance procedures.

Ryson has many custom design options available to ensure that a Spiral from us will be a perfect fit for your application. Read more information about our design options.