Mar 01

Ryson Spiral for a Freezer EnvironmentRyson Spiral Conveyors can be configured to work in a freezer environment.

This week we’re shipping one of our model 1500-400 Spiral Conveyors to an Ice Cream Manufacturer that will be installed in a -20 degree freezer.

The Spiral will elevate sealed cartons of ice cream to an elevation of 13 feet at 150 FPM. In the photo, you’ll notice that the slats are blue. We use special proprietary slats that will not become brittle at subzero temperatures. The gearbox oil and freezer chain bearings are also special to handle those temperatures.

The spiral will ship in two sections, for ease of installation in the facility’s frozen storage area. One our Service Technicians will accompany the spiral to assist the millwrights on site in the re-assembly and start-up of the machine.



Ryson Spiral Shipping in two pieces

Ryson Spirals are the only spirals built in the USA designed to handle temperatures of a freezer environment. For more information on the Ryson Case Spirals, visit, or download the spec sheet. You can also read more application stories about freezer spirals on our weekly blog.

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Sep 06

The Ryson space-saving spiral design is perfect for freezer applications.The Ryson space-saving spiral design is perfect for freezer applications.

This week we are shipping two spirals to a Canadian frozen food manufacturer. The spirals will be operating in a 0º F freezer environment.

Product will be conveyed overhead at a 12’ elevation from two separate packaging lines and spiraled down to a common robotic palletizer on the floor level.

The space saving benefit of the Ryson Spirals is especially beneficial in a freezer setting because floorspace is at a premium.

Ryson Freezer Spiral


These spirals are specially prepared for freezer operations. The plastic parts are molded in a material that is suited for low temperatures, and are light blue to distinguish between ambient and freezer operations. The electrical components including the motor and all lubricants are rated for low temperature operation. The Ryson Freezer Spirals are designed to operate in temperatures down to -30º F.

For more information, visit, download our spiral conveyor spec sheet, or watch our capabilities video.



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