Jul 29

The following is a guest blog written by Scott Stone of Cisco-Eagle – One of our Integrator Partners.

Spiral conveyors are not only a space-saving measure, they also can help warehouses and distribution centers realize greater efficiency and throughput. 

Tall Ryson Case Spiral with TotesIf floor space is scarce in a warehouse, spiral conveyors are an obvious choice because utilizing vertical space is essential when square footage is at a premium. However, spiral conveyors are not only a space-saving measure, they also can help warehouses and distribution centers realize greater efficiency and throughput.

At Cisco-Eagle, we’ve worked with many different types of clients to identify and implement a customized solution that meets their needs, now and into the future. Let’s take a quick look at where spiral conveyors can add tremendous value for a warehouse or distribution center.

Efficiency in Design To expand and accelerate operations within an existing footprint, facilities often look to “go up” and utilize vertical space. Mezzanines, elevated conveyors, pick modules are just a few examples. Spiral conveyors provide the means to quickly and efficiently transport product between levels without disrupting the conveying process or requiring additional material handling.

Spirals work in a variety of circumstances from moving packaged goods in a distribution center to handling the mass flow necessary for a food or beverage distributor. Within a compact design, spiral are able to move product safely in an upward or downward directions, one of its flexible features.

Different configurations can meet different needs. For example, a dual track spiral conveyor can double product flow and density without taking up significant additional space.

High Throughput Integrating a spiral conveyor within an efficient system adds value to the business and creates efficiency throughout the facility. Spiral conveyors are able to move product in a continuous flow allowing for greater efficiency and higher throughput than any elevator or lift.

Reduced Energy Cost Energy costs can make up a good portion of a facility’s budget. Most businesses are examining every line item in an effort to squeeze the most out of every dollar. If spiral conveyors are replacing incline conveyors, there’s going to be a cost savings in energy. In most scenarios, spiral conveyors are low energy simply because they need only one drive to operate. Depending on specific needs and configuration, an incline conveyor with seven drives can be replaced with a spiral conveyor with just one drive.

cisco eagle logoWe’ve placed dozens of Ryson conveyors in facilities all over the country and look forward to creating more efficient operations with spirals well into the future.

Scott Stone is the Director of Marketing for
Cisco-Eagle, Inc., a provider of integrated material handling and storage systems for industrial operations. Scott has 25 years of experience in industrial operations and marketing.

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Jul 22

New Ryson NTThe newest addition to our spiral family, is the Narrow Trak model 1200-230. As you can see from this shot of our production floor, the Narrow Trak has become very popular. These spirals are all model 1200-230 machines and comprise two different projects. One project handling empty flaps-up cartons and the other project handling full cartons and shrink-wrapped bundles of glass bottles.

The Ryson Narrow Trak Spirals are super compact vertical conveyors designed to handle small loads. They are great space savers with high throughput.

The nesting slats have the capacity to reliably end-transfer small cartons and packages or side-transfer small bottles or containers in a single file or in a continuous mass flow. All at speeds in excess of 200 FPM. The nesting slats provide a smooth and safe conveying surface without gaps.

The Narrow Trak spirals offer a significantly larger elevation change capacity than what is currently available in the small package marketplace. They are also a good alternative to side gripper conveyors because they can run at high speeds and do not need to be adjusted for varying product sizes.

For more information about the Ryson Narrow Track Spiral Conveyors, please visit www.ryson.com, or download the brochure.

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Jul 15

Our Parts and Service Departments work hand in hand to support the growing Ryson Spiral population in operation. Ryson is nearing it’s 21st year in operation and many of our early spirals are still in business. With the innovations over that time, it is sometimes challenging to identify the needed replacement parts.

Ryson-Service-PhotoMany of our Spirals have changed owners or have been moved to a different location. As an example, a few units have recently moved from an end user’s plants in California & Texas to a new facility they have opened in Georgia.

Many of our Spiral Conveyors have been reconfigured to meet our customers’ changing plant layout needs. Our spirals having the ability to be modified to different configurations, either in the field or here in our Yorktown plant, so we can help save costs for the end user by helping them re-use existing equipment in different ways. RYSON Parts & Service can help you evaluate options for modifying spirals whether it is just a change from an incline to a decline spiral or a whole new configuration.

Customers have been know to loose or misplace the Spiral operating manuals. Here is an example of an email that is becoming more common for us:

“Hello. I called earlier looking for some spare parts for our Ryson vertical conveyor. I could not find a name plate or parts number so, as requested, I have sent over some pictures in the hopes you can determine what model we have and then what parts I need. This spiral was purchased used but I have no other information.”

RYSON Parts & Service works with all our customers to come up with the best solution. With information from the customer like pictures of the parts, pictures of the spirals, pictures of the motors installed on the spiral, and information about the direction of travel we can give the customer basic recommended spare parts information, model number information, and a new operations manual for their spiral.

Another benefit of the close parts and service teamwork is that the parts department will alert the service department of any unusual or “red flag” parts requests. This prompts a follow-up because it often means the spirals have not been properly maintained or integrated.

We are here to help you. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you have by email, call or  on the form on our website.

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Jul 08

Old Ryson SpiralLast week one of our Ryson Service Techs was called in to do maintenance training for a spiral that was delivered  in 2000. The spiral has been in service at a medical test and development facility running a 24/7 operation and has never needed a service call from us. Over that time span, the customer only ordered additional friction inserts from our parts department, the most common wear-and tear replacement part.

The service technician was impressed with how well the spiral had held up over the years. Ryson spirals are reliable and designed for a long life. We always advocate that proper integration and preventative maintenance will greatly extend the life of the spirals ,which is quite evident in this case. It is always nice and rewarding to hear stories from the field like this, because it is a testament to the quality and longevity of our product.

If you would like more information on the suggested integration and maintenance, visit our website or download our literature.

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Jun 30

In the midst of Ryson’s summer production, we would like to pause and wish you a Happy 4th of July.

ryson Spirals

This photo was recently taken from our production floor in our Yorktown Virginia plant. The color of the spirals lined up together are completely serendipitous, but we felt it fitting to send this recent photo of red, white and blue spirals for our Independence Day blog. Obviously our powder coated spirals are available in nearly any RAL color.

We would like to wish you a happy and safe Holiday weekend. – The Ryson Team.

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Jun 24

Ryson is “retiring” Slim Red, one of our tradeshow demo Spiral Conveyors.

Ryson Spiral For Sale - click to view at a larger size.

Ryson Show spiral for quick sale – click on image to see larger image

Ryson Red SpiralThis 5-turn model 1300-400-A3 has a 16” slat width and has  an elevation change of 12’-4”. It’s painted “Ryson Red and has a 2 HP gear motor that is set up for a speed of 120 FPM at 60 Hz.

This spiral has only run at trade shows and is immediately available. It is good as new and comes with a 12 month warranty. We will sell this spiral at a huge discount for $15,000 FOB our plant. Any modifications needed would be extra.

If you have an application for this spiral, give us a call, or fill out our form on the Ryson Home Page. You can also download the elevation drawing here.

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Jun 17

This month, Canadian Packaging Magazine did a feature story on a new Unilever Ice Cream Plant, combining cutting-edge production and packaging technology with uncompromising food safety requirements.

Ryson Spirals at Unilever

Photo Courtesy Canadian Packaging Magazine, Photo by Naomi Hiltz

The article is highlighting Unilever’s focus on food safety and their commitment to being an environmentally responsible operation.

This new facility has four Ryson Spiral Conveyors conveying several carton sizes and shrink wrapped ice cream tubs from floor level up to a 12 foot elevation where the products are conveyed to the end-of-line packaging operation.

Ryson Spirals need less floor space than conventional incline conveyors and are faster and more reliable than any elevator or lift. As the understanding of the benefits of the Ryson Vertical Conveying solutions grows, we see increased sales with our neighbors to the North and the South.

Our integrator partner was Descon Conveyor SystemsRead the full story here.

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Jun 07

Walking the floor of Ryson’s Manufacturing plant in Yorktown Virginia, there is always an array of different colored spirals being manufactured. 

purple-spiral-blogSome integrators have no color preference, but others may have a specific color in mind. Some choose color based on other equipment in the plant, some choose bright colors for safety concerns and yet others choose a color to reflect their companies branding. That is the case with the spiral in this photo. It will soon ship to a distribution center for a department store chain.

Ryson Spirals can be powder coated in most RAL colors, or stainless steel. Whatever your reason for choice of color, Ryson is happy to accommodate. The integrator on this project was Kuecker Logistics Group.

See more Articles on Ryson Spiral color choices.

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Jun 03

On a typical Factory Acceptance Test, Ryson prepares a thorough demonstration of its’ Spirals to customers. Attention to details about proper installation, integration and maintenance topics ensures the Spiral will live a long life and that the customer is satisfied.

Ryson Factory Acceptance Test

Ryson Staff talk a customer through key installation and maintenance points while conducting a Factory Acceptance Test

This week we conducted a Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) with the project engineer for a food manufacturer. The two 1500-400 spirals feature extended infeeds and are hybrid wash down. The spirals will be handing assorted sizes of cases of cheese.

The FAT included running all the different sized cases on the spirals to ensure all of the requirements were met and that the product conveyed smoothly and without issues.

If you would like to set up a factory tour, product test or FAT, we would gladly accommodate you. We also can send video tests if an in-person visit is not feasible. Please contact our sales department, or fill out the form on our homepage if you would like to set up a test.

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May 27

Ryson is developing a specialized guide rail design for spirals we’re building for a major beverage manufacturer.

The customer is inclining empty flap-up cartons from a carton erector to the carton packing machine on an adjacent mezzanine level. The challenge was to maintain orientation of (6) different carton sizes during the incline. The cover flaps are not yet scored and stand vertical causing some to be unstable.

Our engineering team designed a special guide rail system to trap them using a center rail and an extended-height outside UHMW guide rail.

The Spirals are our Narrow Trak model 1200-230’s which have a 9” wide nesting slat surface capable of speeds of up to 225 FPM. Here’s a product testing video of a guide rail design and testing for this spiral project. If you would like more information about our Narrow Trak Spiral Conveyor, visit www.ryson.com or download the brochure.

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