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Top 5 Spiral Conveyor Maintenance Tips

Top 5 Spiral Conveyor Maintenance Tips: Spirals are a critical component in many industrial and manufacturing settings, providing efficient vertical transportation of materials.

Having made years of service calls, most issues could have been prevented if the recommended installation, integration and preventative maintenance steps had been followed. –  Jeffery Montgomery, Service Manager

To ensure optimal performance, minimal down time and longevity, proper maintenance is essential. Here are the top 5 Spiral Conveyor Maintenance Tips:

Conveyor Maintenance Tips1. Ensure that the chain is in proper tension

Proper chain tensioning is the most important aspect to keep your spiral running flawlessly. A slack chain can lead to performance issues and lead to premature wear of critical components of the Spiral. Ryson Conveyors are also equipped with a visual guide to remind you when the chain needs to be shortened.

2. Proper Integration with the Conveyor System

Spiral conveyors depend on proper integration with the overall conveyor system for optimal performance. Ensure that the loads are powered in and out of the spiral, the infeed and outfeed conveyors are properly aligned, and product is positioned correctly before entering the spiral. Be sure that the Spirals safety sensors are properly assimilated into the integrated controls.

Maintenance tips for Spiral Conveyors3. Regular Inspections and Adjustments

Conduct regular inspections and maintenance on your spiral conveyor. This includes:

  • Daily check to ensure no slats are missing
  • Weekly check of chain tension and adjust if needed
  • Monthly check of the chain tensioner, safety circuit, and overload protection device
  • Quarterly inspection of the chain and sprockets for wear and proper lubrication

4. Maintain Proper Speed Matching

The infeed, spiral, and outfeed conveyors must be running at the same speed to ensure smooth operation. Regularly check and adjust the speed matching between these components. Mismatched speeds at the infeed can also cause undue stress on the sprocket and slats that can cause premature wear.

5. Have a Spare Parts Kit on Hand

Invest in a Spare Parts Kit containing the most critical components. This will allow for quick repairs in the event of an unexpected issue, minimizing downtime.

By following these top 5 maintenance tips, you can ensure your spiral conveyors operate reliably, efficiently, and with minimal disruptions. Proper integration, regular inspections, speed matching, hardware maintenance, and having spare parts on hand are key to keeping your spiral conveyors running at their best. 

Find more information on our Installation and Preventative maintenance program on our Installation page. You can also watch this video for a detailed video on the proper set-up for a Ryson Spiral. Additionally, for any other service or spare parts related questions you can always connect with our team at or