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Multiple Spiral Applications for Candy Production

Spiral Applications for Tall InclineThis week we are shipping the first wave of 14 Spirals for various Spiral Applications at a large confectioner facility.

This installation is a perfect example of how the diversity of our spiral line can help maximize your production while reducing your operational footprint.

Narrow Trak Spirals

The Ryson Narrow Trak Spirals offers our smallest footprint and are ideal for smaller items. They can either end-transfer boxes or trays, or side transfer cans, bottles or jars in mass.

For this application, over-wrapped multi-packs of candy are declined after primary packaging by five 23 foot tall Narrow Trak Spirals. They are model 1700-230 spirals  with 9” wide slats.  Packs are then delivered to cartoners that in turn feed six of our model 1200-230 Narrow Trak Spirals that deliver cartons overhead to the case packers.

Unit Load Spirals

The Ryson Unit Load Spiral – or Case Spiral is a reliable continuous flow vertical spiral. It also saves space and can reach heights of over 40′ using only a single small motor.

Downstream of the case packers, three of our model 1500-400 Case Spirals lower the finished cases to the palletizers.

Spiral Applications for tight installation areas
Ryson Spirals can be shipped in sections to aid in tight installation areas.

The tall Narrow Traks were shipped in (2) sections for ease of installation in the new construction environment. Ryson’s ability to ship spirals in sections can also aide in ease of installation in areas that have little space, or through small penetrations between floors.

Lastly, you can find out more information on our full line of vertical conveying solutions. Visit, or watch application examples on our very own YouTube Channel.