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Special PMMI Field Service Training at Ryson

Field Service Training at RysonCustomer service has always been a top priority at Ryson. This is especially true for our service department. That is why this week we offered a Field Service Training seminar to our team.

We know that in many cases our service team are the people and faces that end users associate with Ryson. Investing in proficient technicians and field service training is always a good thing. Furthermore, developing good relationships with our customers is for us paramount. This comprehensive course offered by PMMI, is an in-depth program that trains staff on professionalism, ethicacy, communication and conflict resolution.

The class is used to give some of our less seasoned technicians basic skills and tools needed to be successful and confident in field service.  Some of our more experienced field service technicians attend as well as a refresher and to add some real world experience to the classes.

Field service is a crucial part of Ryson. Equipping our service team with the best set of tools is paramount.  Plus it is also a value added for our customers. ” – Jeffery Montgomery, Service Manager for Ryson.

On a sentimental note, the instructor of the PMMI Field Service Essentials course was none other than Doug Glass. Doug was hired by PMMI to teach after he retired from Ryson – as our always-dependable service manager.

Ryson Technicians in the Field Service Training Course

One of the underlying reasons for the timing of this training is the fact that we have initiated a maintenance contract program. It is designed to take the worry out of keeping your spirals in top shape. For additional information on this program, see below or contact Our Parts and Service page also has additional information.










Watch the YouTube video on our PMMI training here: