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Saving Space in Logistics and Warehousing with Spiral Conveyors

Saving space is one of the most important goals in today’s logistics and warehousing industries. Efficiency is key and every inch of space counts.

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taoufik HaddadiOptimizing the flow of goods can make a significant impact on productivity and cost-effectiveness. Making the best use of your space is one of the biggest challenges and goals for the logistics and warehousing sector. One innovative solution that’s been gaining traction is the utilization of overhead space with Spiral Conveyors.

We talked to our Sales Manager Taoufik “TK” Haddadi about how Spirals can be the game-changer for your logistics or warehousing business.

TK, what are spiral conveyors, and how do they differ from traditional incline conveyors?

“Spiral conveyors are a vertical transportation solution that move products in a continuous flow. Unlike traditional incline conveyors that are linear and require a significant footprint, Spiral Conveyors have a much smaller footprint while maintaining high throughput. Spirals can also use a lower angle of incline which aids in product stability.”

How do spiral conveyors contribute to saving space and what are the different types of installations?

“Spiral conveyors are inherently space-efficient due to their design, optimizing floor space utilization. This is particularly advantageous in facilities with limited floor space.  They can help enhance storage capacity and operational efficiency.

Our Multi-Level Spiral Conveyors with inductions and diverts offer an extra-level of space savings. These conveyors efficiently transport products between stacked picking levels. They can streamline order picking processes. They can also  free up more space for additional picking or storage operations.”

What types of businesses can benefit most from implementing spiral conveyors?

“Spiral conveyors can benefit many industries, including packaging, manufacturing, 3PL’s and any types of fulfillment centers. All businesses dealing with the vertical movement of goods can benefit from them. If I have to pick couple in particular, I will go with Micro DC’s and businesses operating in the last mile fulfillment. These entities are traditionally in an urban area, close to the cities where real estate is at a premium pricing.”

Are there any specific features or configurations of spiral conveyors that customers should consider when implementing them in their warehousing operations?

“One key feature to consider is the ability to customize spiral conveyors to fit specific space requirements and product handling needs. Whether it’s adjusting the height, diameter, or pitch of the spiral, customization options allow businesses to tailor the conveyor system to their unique applications. Additionally, features such as reversible spirals, multi-infeed and outfeed options, and variable speed controls offer flexibility and versatility in handling different types of products and accommodating changing operational demands. The modularity of the Ryson Spiral allows for retrofits and replacements in very tight and hard to access areas.”

What are the long-term benefits of investing in spiral conveyors for logistics operations?

“Apart from the immediate space-saving benefits, I would say:

  • increase in throughput

  • reduced labor costs

  • minimized product damage and

  • overall improvement in efficiency.

The scalability and adaptability of spiral conveyors make them a sustainable investment that can grow with the evolving needs of the business. The last thing to point out is that investing in a spiral that is robust with a superior design, such as the Ryson spiral, will come in play when customers focus on lowering their total cost of ownership.”

Spiral conveyors represent a game-changing solution for businesses looking to maximize space efficiency in their logistics operations. By harnessing the power of vertical transportation, these innovative systems offer a space-saving alternative to traditional conveyors. At the same time they are enhancing throughput, flexibility, and overall operational efficiency. As the logistics landscape continues to evolve, spiral conveyors are poised to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of material handling and distribution.

Special thanks go out to TK for sharing insights into the transformative potential of spiral conveyors in logistics. Feel free to connect with him on Linkedin.