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Ryson Spiral used for Automation Upgrade at Carquest Auto Parts

This month, Canadian Packaging published a feature story on an installation we did with our Canadian Integrator Partner Mainway Handling Systems. The article highlights an impressive installation of a towering 38-feet-high Ryson Spiral. It is part of a sweeping warehouse automation upgrade at the vast Carquest Auto Parts distribution center in Bolton, Ontario.

Carquest Spiral

As a complete systems integrator, Mainway relies on suppliers like Ryson to provide equipment for systems such as the one at Carquest. We found that installing a pick tower with automated conveyor and a Ryson spiral enabled us to handle the majority of their product count while keeping a fairly small footprint. Additionally, it handles a wide range of product weights—from wiper blades to disk rotors,” says Matthew Pereira of Mainway.

Ryson Spirals feature a compact footprint and far greater speeds compared to traditional elevators or lifts.

They also offer a highly efficient and reliable means of transferring mass quantities of product. Be it in the manufacturing process or on the packaging line. This spiral uses our proprietary induction conveyor to link all four levels of their pick module. This reduces the need for additional spirals which allows more operating area. You can read more about the kinds of industries that Ryson supports in our new Industries Section on our website.

It is always rewarding working with our integrator partners to help design ideal vertical conveying solutions. It’s also very flattering when our applications are noticed by the media. You can read the entire story on