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Ryson Spiral Manufacturing Steady Despite Pandemic

Ryson continues steady Spiral manufacturing and solutions to both Canada and Mexico.

In addition to steady business in the US, Ryson continues to serve its neighbors to the South and North. We haven’t seen much slow-down in business as we continue producing spirals that help our customers produce and distribute their high-demand products.

Essity is a leading worldwide company in the Hygiene and Health industry.   Their facility in Ecatepec de Morales, Mexico has chosen to install two new Ryson Spirals in their facility for Personal Care products – through G.I. Eicom – one of our long-standing integrator partners.   They chose our model 1500-400 spirals running at 114 fpm to convey shrink-wrapped packs.   Due to its speed, reliability, and application flexibility, this model has become a popular model throughout many industries.

Ryson Spiral Manufacturing - Shipping
Two Ryson Spirals ready to ship to Mexico

Frito-Lay in Lethbridge, Alberta Canada has initiated a reconfiguration project taking advantage of the  flexible modularity of the Ryson Spirals.  Due to changes in their layout and production requirements, they have chosen to reconfigure one of their existing Ryson 1600-500 spirals by adding 2 turns. The Spiral – which already had a special modified angle – will be modified by changing the outfeed from just under 16ft to over 21ft. With the modular design of Ryson Spirals, this is s a fairly routine operation and is very cost effective because it eliminates the need for replacement with a new spiral.

Knowing that Ryson spirals can later be modified in the field as layout changes emerge is a huge part of the reason our equipment can help lower your total cost of ownership. This is one of the ways we differentiate ourselves from other manufacturers.

At Ryson, we focus on providing effective solutions – whether it be in the form of new spiral manufacturing or modifying existing units. Being able to that… and do it quickly, has made Ryson the leader in the vertical conveying.

For more information on Ryson Spirals, Visit our website, or download our product line brochure.