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Ryson Modularity Simplifies Floor-to-floor Installation

Ryson modularity is integral to our spiral design and is beneficial in many ways. This feature allows us to pre-design a spiral conveyor in sections if there are space constraints at the installation site.

We just finished another challenging spiral project for our Integrator Partner, Conveyor & Automation Technologies. This model 1800-400 Spiral has an elevation change of almost 20 feet was too large to install fully assembled in the floor-to-floor application, so our engineering department designed it to ship in three sections to the site.

Ryson Modularity Simplifies Floor-to-floor Installation
Ryson Modularity can simplify floor-to-floor installation in tight spaces.

Once on-site, it was discovered that the interior doorways and passageways would not allow passage of the sections. Our service technician was able to further dismantle the spiral to move it to the installation area, where it was re-assembled and stacked section-upon-section through the tight penetration.

This installation also featured pre-wiring where the safeties were pre-wired to a terminal box and the motor disconnect was mounted and pre-wired. This option helps reduce installation and implementation time onsite.

Our modular design also facilitates the customizability of our spirals and simplifies future modifications  should line changes or repurposing demands arise.

For more information about Ryson modularity and installation procedures, check out the Installation and Integration page on our website. You can also read more installation stories on our weekly news blog.