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Ryson Micro Pitch Transfer Ideal for Smaller Products

The Ryson Micro Pitch transfer conveyor enables smaller and lighter products to be end transferred reliably to and from the Narrow Trak Spiral. It minimizes the gap between the spiral and adjoining conveyors. 

Ryson Micro Pitch Conveyor

Last week we shipped this 1100-150 Narrow trak spiral to a major Food manufacturer for our Integrator partner Container Handling Systems. The spiral is used to decline empty cans (4’- 6” in diameter) at a rate of 180 per minute.

We utilized our micro-pitch transfer to minimize the non-powered zone between the spiral and the integrator’s tabletop conveyor. This proprietary transfer conveyor is slave-driven off the drive or idle-end shafts. Therefore it is geared to match the speed of the spiral perfectly – even at high speeds. When end transferring the slats can be equipped with friction inserts to provide additional friction. This allows steeper incline/decline angles which can yield greater elevation changes with the same number of turns.

The spiral is our hybrid stainless steel construction for use in a dry environment. The Narrow Trak spirals are available in a 6” and 9” wide nesting slat design.  The Ryson Narrow Trak Spirals are great space savers. They also offer high throughput that can run at speeds in excess of 200 fpm.

The transfer unit is available in either a powder coated or stainless steel versions. For more information on the Ryson Narrow Trak Spiral conveyors, visit our Narrow Trak page, or download the NT product brochure. You can also read more Micro-Pitch stories in our weekly newsblog.

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