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Ryson High-Speed Rotator – a Niché inline solution

Ryson RotatorUsing the same patented chain-slat design as Ryson Spiral Conveyors, our high-speed Rotator is a niché inline solution.

Our High-Speed Rotator has found a niche in packaging and processing lines. While there exists alternative methods, few offer the non-stop throughput and product stability that this conveyor can.

A common application for the rotator is rotating boxes for labeling.  For labeling more than one side, horizontal conveyors can be added between rotation sections to allow more complicated operations. An additional application is rotating boxes to facilitate unloading or reloading boxes as part of a bottle filling or labeling operation.

Rotator moving boxesOne big advantage is that our Rotator does not need any adjustment between load sizes for most products.  Additionally the rotator runs at the speed of other conveyors in the line, ensuring a smooth consistent flow without bunching or load interaction.

Each section offers a 90 degree rotation, so two would be used in series for a 180º rotation. They are available in slat widths of 8″, 12″ 16″, 20″ and 24″ and can handle everything from empty boxes to heavy cases. Their robust construction allows a total weight capacity of 1,600 lbs.

You can read more stories about out High-Speed Rotator in our weekly news blog. Below is a video showing various product tests. Note how they are able to handle different product sizes without adjustments.