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Repurpose a Spiral to Save Money

Repurpose and old Conveyor

Ryson’s Modular Design allows you to repurpose our Spiral to fit into a different layout.

To repurpose, Ryson offers a cost-effective way to get the most out of one of our Spiral Conveyors. Our modular design allows an existing spiral to be modified. Often in the field – to fit a new layout or a design change.

In this case our Integrator partner Willcox & Allen was tasked with replacing an old belt curve. But they only had a shoestring budget.

They decommissioned this antiquated decline conveyor and found an old after-market Ryson Spiral to replace it with.

The only problem was that the orientation didn’t line up with their conveying line… Reconfigure option:

repurpose modifications of a Ryson SpiralThe used Ryson 1600-500 Spiral was shipped to our Virginia plant to be reconfigured and refurbished before shipping to the end user in the Southwest.

The spiral was turned into a 90 degree configuration (B) from a straight through (A) configuration. The spiral was also over 11 years old, so we also refreshed it with a new chain assembly.

All this work was done for a fraction of the cost of a new Spiral. This story therefore highlights a big benefit of our modular design and is one the reasons our products can help you reduce your over-all cost of ownership.

If you would like more information about how we can repurpose a spiral conveyor for your operation, you can read more application stories in our weekly news blog.