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Stainless Steel Bucket Elevator for Hot Powder Conveying

This month we are shipping an impressive Bucket Elevator to a major chemical plant in Argentina. This hot powder conveying application has many challenging facets that are worthy of highlighting.

First, the installation site will be high in the Andes. So the  installation and integration will be done in a remote area with a very high elevation. The powder conveying Bucket Elevator will provide an elevation change of over 60′.

Stainless Steel Buckets for Hot Powder ConveyingNext, the Bucket Elevator will  transporting powder material that is at a very high temperature. For this reason, special stainless steel buckets were specified for the job. Our standard reinforced polyamide buckets would not be able to handle the specified product temperature.

This full stainless steel Bucket Elevator is our 100 model. It features 9″ wide buckets with a capacity of 300 cubic feet per hour. Because of its size the bucket elevator will be shipped in sections, and match-marked to streamline final assembly in Argentina. Most of our units ship this way.

 This was a quick turnaround project for an American headquartered multi-national integrator. A global end user also had to coordinate with their teams in Asia, South America and here in the US.

Our global reach via our parent company, Royal Apollo, helped make the communication and project go as planned mainly due to the cultural alignment. We will also be sending our service member from our Mexican office to spearhead the installation and integration.

For more information on our full line of Bucket Elevators, check out our website, blog and see our latest video on them.