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Overtorque Protection – Standard on all Ryson Equipment

All Ryson Spiral Conveyors come standard with a motor overtorque protection device. This simple safety feature enhances the longevity of a spiral and helps protect the materials being conveyed.

The drive motor is mounted on a torque arm bracket with a spring assembly. The spring applies a torque resistance which can be adjusted to the desired torque limit. The torque assembly will pivot when torque exceeds a pre-set limit set by the amount of spring compression.

If a jam or overload condition occurs, the torque assembly will pivot from the force of the motor and instantly shut the spiral down. A proximity sensor will trip when the torque arm leaves the detectable area. Once the cause of the jam or overload condition is resolved, and all the sensors are in the all clear position, the spiral is ready to run again.

Ryson Motor Overtorque Protection Device
The Ryson Motor Overtorque Protection Device instantly stops the spiral in the event of a jam or overload condition.

If there were no device installed on the machine (or if it were bypassed in the controls) a jam could cause damage to the products being conveyed. Additionally the spiral’s slats, chain or even shaft and sprockets could be damaged.

For such a simple design, it sure is a pretty good safety measure. Be sure to review the installation and integration procedures to ensure this valuable failsafe is properly integrated.

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