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Equipment Longevity – A Key Factor in Cost of Ownership

Equipment Longevity - A very old Spiral Conveyor
This Mass Flow Spiral has been in service since 2006. Equipment longevity plays a huge factor in Cost of Ownership.

Ryson Spiral Conveyors are well known for their durability, reliability and longevity. Equipment Longevity is a key factor in how our Spirals can offer such a low total cost of ownership.

Last week we heard from an end-user who had a pair of our Mass Flow Spirals with a 12 inch conveying surface. They are handling full 12 & 16 ounce beverage cans.

“What was enlightening about this was that these spirals had been running since the first quarter of 2006! In checking with our parts department, very few spare parts were ever purchased. That’s a classic example of low cost of ownership!” – Steve Dillaman. Key Account Manager

When purchased, their fill rate was limited to 800 cans per minute and now, they’re ready to move up to our 16” wide slat machines that will take them into the 1,200 cans per minute rate.

The Ryson Mass Flow Spirals are designed to vertically convey full or empty bottles, cans, jars and similar containers. They have also become a piece of crucial equipment in the beverage industry.

Check out our Product Line Video on our own YouTube Channel to see additional examples of our Spirals in beverage applications.