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Elevated Spiral Installation on Extended Legs

We have the ability to install Ryson Spirals on extended legs, if needed, because of our modular design. An elevated Spiral can help optimize the design and product flow of your facility.

We recently installed such a Spiral for an e-commerce warehouse located in Costa Rica. Our Integrator partner on this project was Mecalux. They specified an elevated High Capacity Spiral (1700-600) with extended legs. The end user on this project is a company called EPA, a home improvement and hardware retailer in Costa Rica.

elevated spiral from RysonElevated Spiral Conveyors with extended legs

Ryson Spiral ready to be installed
Because of the size of this spiral, it needed to be partially disassembled for shipping.

Some installations may require extended legs and support structures. This situation commonly arises when a spiral is feeding an overhead conveyor from the floor above. But it can also happen in scenarios involving distribution centers and warehouse facilities utilizing multi-level mezzanine structures. The decision to elevate the spiral conveyor in this instance was driven by the specific needs of the plant layout.

Thanks to our modular and custom design, our equipment is adaptable to various operational environments and product flow requirements. Consequently, the extended legs can help seamlessly integrate into diverse and challenging spaces. It also showcases the adaptability of and flexibility of our machinery.

Ryson Spirals for the Latin American market

Our parent company’s branch for Latin America “Apollo VTS Mexico” took care of this project, sending our Mexican field service engineer to Costa Rica for the installation. For all sales and service matters, our Latin American colleagues are at your disposal. Moreover Ryson manufactures the machines for the latin American market, that Apollo Mexico sells locally.

Luis SanchezOur sales contact for Latin America is:

Luis Lisandro Sanchez
Sales Manager LATAM
+52 3 314 104 603