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Common Spiral Layout Configuration

Common Spiral Layout Configuration
CE-X Configuration makes for an ideal plant layout.

A major advantage of  Ryson’s modular design is our Spirals can be configured with custom in-feed and out-feed tangents to facilitate an ideal layout configuration. This is particularly adventageous in order picking and warehousing operations.

CE-X Common Spiral Layout ConfigurationA C-EX configuration is a special extension that places in infeed tangent on the same angle as the discharge. This configuration is a popular design for pick modules. This is because because both levels of conveyors are perfectly aligned on top of each other. This allows the infeed conveyor and outfeed conveyor to utilize the same footprint, saving floorspace.

The spiral is a good alternative to a lift or curve solution. Especially when the topics of real estate, speed and throughput are in part of the decision-making process. These units can run at speeds up to 200 fpm and can handle weights up to 75 lbs. per foot. The spiral can also start and stop fully loaded. 

The Ryson Modular design allows our spirals to be quickly installed and integrated while maintaining the superior design and high efficiency.

Picking operations for the e-commerce industry is experiencing exponential growth, and so is our C-EX model. It is clear to see how this configuration makes for an ideal plant layout.

For more information about our line of Spiral Conveyors and their configuration options, visit our Spiral Conveyors page. You can also read more application stories on our weekly news blog, and our YouTube Channel.