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Case Lifts Compared to Spiral Conveyors

One very common application for Ryson Spirals is to replace old and less reliable case lifts.

While both spirals and case lifts provide vertical transportation and have a similar footprint, the Spiral is a much simpler solution. Case Lifts replaced by Spiral Conveyors

The Spiral has fewer moving parts and is rarely down for maintenance. Additionally, spirals have a much longer life-span. Over time a spiral can help lower the overall cost of ownership. The biggest advantage however, is the fact that a spiral conveyor has a much greater throughput. The flow is constant and it does not need to be adjusted for different product sizes.

Ryson’s modular design allows us to customize any spiral conveyor with ease. This is particularly useful when replacing equipment in an existing plant. The position and length of the in feed tangent on up spirals and out feed tangent on down spirals can be customized to meet specific layout requirements.

Ryson published an in-depth article on the differences between a case elevator and a spiral and pointed out some of the key advantages of both. For further reading, check out the article “Difference Between a Spiral Conveyor and Case Lift“. You can also read some specific case studies about this in our weekly news blog. If you would like to see videos of Ryson Spiral Conveyors, you can check out our YouTube Channel.