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Beneficial Training Site Visit

This week Ryson hosted a training site visit from one of our valued customers. Werres is an integrator partner that has picked Ryson Spirals to operate in a facility in Southeast Asia.

Werres Training Site Visit

This project happened during COVID. We would not not know what the international travel restrictions would be at the time of shipping. Therefore we decided to invite our customer’s installation crew to our Yorktown, Virginia facility. The training site visit equipped them with all the necessary knowledge they would need for a successful installation.

We actually put them to work. In addition to extensive training, they assisted in final assembly, then disassembly before loading them on a container. That way, when the Spirals arrive, their team will know exactly what to do for reassembly.

This exercise falls under our Total Cost of Ownership mantra. We talk about and emphasize it all the time. Our partnership and equipment goes far beyond the simple acquisition cost.

Our customer was very satisfied with the hospitality and professionalism of our team. The Project Engineer  commented on how organized, straight forward, and easy it is to learn how to put the spirals back together. He also pointed out that the amount of documentation and resources available to them was exceptional: “Thanks again for having us at your facility this week. I learned a lot about your product line and feel ready to commission the machines…”

To Find out more about customer visits to our manufacturing plant, you can read about them in our weekly news blog.