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Apollo Group – 175th Birthday Celebration with a Special Honor.


Apollo Group 175th BirthdayToday, our Parent Company, Apollo Group turns 175. Ryson is thrilled to be a part of this worldwide celebration.

The sixth generation leader of Apollo group , Claudia Van den Pol, is having a party across the globe today. All of the Apollo Group’s offices joined in for this jubilee. But that is not the only reason today is a milestone. They have also been predicated by the King of Holland to become the ROYAL APOLLO GROUP.

To be eligible for such a distinguished honor, an organization must hold a highly prominent position within its field, be of national significance and have been in existence for at least a hundred years.

Royal Apollo Group CelebrationThe official ceremony took place today. Ryson staff members watched the formal ceremony via video conference. After that we unveiled the 175th Flag in our foyer and celebrated with cake and gifts from Apollo.

From the beginning of Ryson, we have always been a sister company with Apollo. We have pooled resources , engineering and manufacturing techniques. Additionally, we have essentially manufactured the same products on opposite sides of the pond. The only change with the acquisition is that it’s more of a parent – subsidiary relationship on a world-wide scale.

The worldwide group approach is tremendously beneficial – Especially since the pandemic has created supply chain disruption. Ryson has been very pro-active on procuring materials necessary to continue delivering our Spirals on time. For example, If a domestic resource is scarce, we have the infrastructure to get it from Europe or Asia instead.

You can read the full story, or download the press release, or visit the Apollo Group website.